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About My Herd
  Well, my 'herd' began early 1995, when I acquired a three year old nubian milker and an alpine doeling on the bottle(because like everygoat owner is inevitably told-- you can't own just one goat). So I was content at just providing milk for my family. After the alpine was weaned, I soon realized that even with just one milker, sometimes I had surplus. So I started looking into making cheese. And I also needed to learn about things like vaccines, wormers, injuries, kidding, etc., so I was encouraged to join the
local dairy goat club. At that time I had no intention of showing whatsoever. I figured you either kept goats for practical purposes or you had fancy show goats. So the first year went by with no shows, and alot of learning. After the first kidding, I had 2 doe kids and 1 buck. I traded back a doe kid to the herd owner who I originally got my goats from. I kept the other doe and sold the buck to my neighbor as a pet(after wethering). That fall I got a hankering to show. We put the doe kid(by then she was very large) in the ring and soon realized she wasn't show quality. About a month later I showed my alpine and she placed third out of three. Very depressing. I was devastated and decided to give up the goat project. I really needed to understand what qualities those judges were looking for. I felt that she had an excellent topline, legs, length, dairyness, etc., but her udder had a cleft in the front.
  After the next kidding(early 1997), I did some hard thinking and decided to cull heavily. By then I had three nubian bucklings and a gorgeous little alpine doe kid...with a double teat on one side. It was heartbreaking. So I culled back to my two original does. The alpine was doing better in the show circuit(4th out of 10; even 1st at the state fair after a few does were moved to another class). In July '97 I decided to make a purchase to improve my herd. I bought a dry yearling nubian with alot of promise. I've been showing her with my other two does and she hasn't placed below first, and has gone grand champion in all but one show(see table below). She was junior grand champion at the Arizona State Fair. I'm excited to see what her udder and her kids will look like!!
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About me
  Well, I'm a mother of five, with three kids still at home. We've been homeschooling since '91 or '92. My 15 year old has just completed high school. I also have 21, 20, 4 and 2 year old kids. We live on an acre in Mesa(near Phoenix), Az., but have just bought a home on an acre in Thatcher, Az(near New Mexico). We'll be moving soon. I've been doing the payroll and accounting for our contracting business, but we've reduced our workload and are only doing an occasional custom home. We are devoted Christians and really like rural living(with the exception of our 15 year old). We have chickens, goats, and horses.
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My goats winnings

3rd Place 5 and over Moonlight Madness July 26 1997
3rd Place 5 and over Yavapi County Fair September 19 1997
Jr. Grand Champion  Arizona State Fair November 1 1997
Grand Champion Nubian Sr. Kid Santa Cruz County Fair September ? 1997
Reserve Grand Champion Nubian Sr. Kid Yavapi County Fair September 19 1997
1st Place Yearling not in milk Moonlight Madness July 26 1997
1st Place 2 and under 3 Milkers Arizona State Fair November 1 1997
4th Place Yearling Milker Santa Cruz County Fair September ? 1996
4th Place 2 and under 3 Milkers Moonlight Madness July 26 1997
5th Place 2 and under 3 Sr. Alpine Yavapi County Fair September 19 1997

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